1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination – Update on Progress

Posted by Tina on January 19, 2018  /   Posted in Uncategorized

With the lovely sunshine of the last two days, it has made possible quite a bit of painting. Bearing in mind how many hours it takes me to paint a picture, I have made (what I think to be) good progress on the Bird Garden Illumination painting since my last post. I do really need to finish it by the end of this weekend because I now have to turn my hand to the pen & ink drawings for the booklet about the River Brue in Somerset. So apart from playing tennis tonight and tomorrow morning, the rest of the weekend is free for painting – although the light on Sunday looks as if it will be quite dismal! Will keep you posted…

You will see that I have painted in the baby swallows, and many thanks to Alison Grey for the resource photograph (one of many that she has very kindly supplied for my use); and notice the snail shell in amongst the nest gubbins. I did not notice this until I actually started to paint the nest. Upon closer inspection it also contains little stones and sticks – very clever what birds can do with a bit of mud and spit!

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