1509: “Paws for Thought” Progress

Posted by Tina on December 18, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Had a bit of time this morning to add some detail to the Paws for Thought painting. Unfortunately it is such a long time since I picked up a paint brush I find I am struggling to remember how to paint! Most frustrating. I can feel by the way this one is going that it will probably not be good enough to sell, so it may become one of my few failures. It is so important to paint often; but my present circumstances have prevented me from fulfilling the inner urge. Never mind, as it is a sabbatical year I suppose I must be patient with life and take the few snippets of free time for painting as they come along- but that is difficult to accept when it goes all wrong on a day I can paint!

1509 Progress 6: Such a long time between painting sessions – I have forgotten how to paint!

1509 Progress 7: Probably not good enough to sell, so am experimenting

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