UPDATE TO: 1804: Fullers Mill and Cambridge Open Studio Exhibition UPDATE

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SEE BELOW ******UPDATE******—I received this nice email this morning, and thought I would re-post it for all you music fans of Yngwie Malmsteen who would like to learn to play like him!:

On Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 3:48 AM, Jess Miller <jess@jenreviews.email> wrote:

Dear Editor,
My name is Jess and I’m the Editor at Jen Reviews. I was doing research on Yngwie Malmsteen and just finished reading your wonderful piece: https://tinasfineart.uk/1804-fullers-mill-and-open-studio-exhibition-update/
In that article, I noticed that you cited a solid post that I’ve read in the past: https://www.yngwiemalmsteen.com/
We just published an updated, comprehensive guide on how to play like famous guitarists including Yngwie Malmsteen on our sister site, Beginner Guitar HQ. It is completely free and you can find it here: https://beginnerguitarhq.com/famous-guitarists/
If you like the piece we’d be humbled if you cited us in your article. Of course, we will also share your article with our 100k newsletter subscribers and followers across our social platforms.
Either way, keep up the great work!


21st and 22nd July, open 11.00am till 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Today (Wednesday 18th July) I have been rearranging the artwork in my studio exhibition and all the goodies that are on offer. Below are some of the nice things that you can buy for unique Christmas presents (it is never too early!), and a sneeky view of my Chinese dining room which houses the items behind the name of this year’s exhibition, namely: “Unfinished Business”. I checked all the paintings I have started in the last few years that have remained unfinished, and thought these, along with some of their resource materials, would make a fascinating show for those who wished to see how I progress with my artwork. If you are out Comberton way, do please drop in and view my exhibition. I am number 130 in the COS Guide and the satnav postcode is CB23 7DD.

I have also included a progress picture of the Fullers Mill painting for the Iceni Botanical Artists exhibition in August at the Apex, Bury St Edmunds.

I now have 12 paintings in Wentworth Whimsy Jigsaw Puzzle form. Only available from me, so if you collect Whimsys, these are a unique set for you to add to your collection. 250 pieces, said to be as difficult as a conventional 500 piece.

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles are always fun to do. This new range of 12 picture puzzles with 500 pieces are extremely difficult to do as testified by a puzzle fan whom I asked to try one out for me. She said it was “*****y difficult!”

If you love to write in a diary, this new 2019 Hardback 100 Limited Edition Diary is for you. A splendid opportunity to own a special little book with a very practical use. One page per week with loads of writing room and a picture on each opposing page.

Lovely Cambridge Ceramic Mugs with a picture on one side and a poem on the other. 2019 Calendars A4, A5 and CD size. Also sets of 4 handcrafted Coasters and the usual cards and notelets.

In the browser there are mounted originals and prints of all shapes, sizes and prices.

The Story behind the ******UPDATE******:

******Link to the “Bone’s” Eurovision Song entry: “Experiencing Forbidden Love“. Enjoy looking at the “Unfinished Business” in the Chinese Dining Room. That brown figure on the right is Steve Vai, a famous rock guitarist who my sons greatly admired (along with Yngwie Malmsteen)  – I was going to call him the maestro and have two of my sons on the right of the painting as the “prodigies” – but I lost the original resource material, and the boys were not keen to sit for me. I do remember the guitar in Mr Vai’s hands as being multicoloured (greens, pinks and yellows – see below). So that project was abondoned. And to your left of that picture is a sketched portrait, commissioned by a housekeeper to the late Dr Margaret Penrose-Newman who unfortunately left Margaret’s employ before the painting was finished and I believe I still have (somewhere) all the resource photographs she left behind for me to use. This is tragic for her family history. I cannot remember the commissioner’s name, so am unable to trace her. There are three gorgeous children and a dog and a cat in the picture, all from Devon/Cornwall I recall.

The patterned guitar which should have been painted in the Steve Vai Picture. I found this picture quite by accident after searching for Steve Vai’s Guitars. It is a miniature guitar called “Jem Swirl”, sold by Ozminiguitar. Visit their website.

A few more unfinished artworks to peruse in the Chinese Dining Room.

And this is the latest progress on the Fullers Mill painting.

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