Tina’s Penultimate 2019 Exhibition St Mary’s Comberton

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The exhibition is open Friday, 22nd to Sunday 24th November 2019. Open each day from 10.00am to 4.00pm. (Royston Lane, Comberton, CB23 7ED). A wonderful selection of Arts and Crafts from some top artists in the region—great Christmas gifts available. Plus tea, coffee and biscuits.


NEW: Paperback Books in the River Friends Series. Two titles—£7.50 each. Also available on Amazon.
Handcrafted 2020 A4/A5 hanging calendars—£7.50 each
Handcrafted 2020 A5 Desk Diaries—£10.00 each
Handcrafted shorthand notebooks—£3.50 each
Wentworth Whimsy Jigsaw Puzzles—normally £23.00 (RRP £29.95), my Christmas price: £18.00 each (250 pieces, equivalent to 500-piece traditional jigsaw)
Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles 500 pieces. normally £13, my Christmas price: £11.00
Mugs range: “Pics and Poems”. Normally £7.50 each, my Christmas price: £5.00 each (in a box!)
Plus a new range of greetings cards and notelets.

I have five framed entries for this exhibition:

Ranunculus and Brown Trout. Tortoiseshell finish frame. A healthy Stream? A colour plate for the published book “Drying Up”. Picture Profile. Framed print 1/50 £90
Group Meerhug (Meerkats), (Polychromos oil pencils). Light oakwood frame. Click on the picture to view Picture Profile. Framed original £195
An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge. Water Colour. Selected for the Patchings Artist and Illustrator Magazine Exhibition 2016. Framed Original £250
Otter Bank, Bourn Brook. Picture Profile. To be featured in one of the River Friend Series of books (Stream Story II: Bourn Brook, Cambs). Print 8/300. Framed tortoiseshell finish. £95
White Helleborines and Chiffchaffs (Fine Art Print 12/350), Framed gun metal finish £85

…And five mounted pictures:

Song Thrushes in Ivy Picture Profile. This is the final number 10 of 10 only limited edition prints of this painting. £40
Head of Sunflower Picture Profile. This is limited edition print number 1/100. £45
Little Explorers at the Mini Mart Picture Profile. Limited edition print 9/200. £40
Ankle-Deep at Salisbury Picture Profile. Painted specially for, and featured in one of the River Friend Series of small books: “Drying Up”. This is limited edition print 1/100. £50
Ye Olde Village Pond Picture Profile. Painted specially for, and featured in one of the River Friend Series of small books: “Drying Up”. Limited edition print 1/100. £65
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