The Comberton Lumberjack

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THE COMBERTON LUMBERJACK – I watched sadly as a beautiful fur tree was cut down branch-by-branch. The devastation of branches falling was compounded by the squirrel drey which was nestling near the summit. As the blades of the chain saw edged nearer and nearer suddenly a grey squirrel flung itself from the branches and landed precariously on some flimsy hedge branches about 20 feet below. How was that for displacement!! I do hope it finds another home, although day by day mature trees are being felled in Comberton and soon we will be a village of nothing but house roofs, rather than interspersal of tree-tops. Tragic. I put some of the photographs together in a little film. The squirrel jumped too quickly for my camera to snap him, so I have added one of my other squirrel-leap pictures to help illustrate the drama. Watch carefully in the second picture.

The Squirrel jumping for his life and losing his home.

The Squirrel jumping for his life and losing his home.

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