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Just received a notification that my ten-year Facebook year book was available. The front cover hit an historic note: a photograph from the Cambridge Evening News of me singing and playing my guitar with two of my lovely three boys (Jason and Paul) entertaining at a Christmas party some years ago – and that was quite a few by the looks of how young I and the boys appear!!! (Just noticed, it says I am 41 so that makes it 1991.) Wonderful, wonderful memories.

This is the photograph and see below for transcript:

CEN transcript:

Behind the smile there is a touch of steel about Tina Bone.
And woe betide the player whose football does not capture the festive spirit at Barton on Saturday.
Because Bone, who is to referee Barton v Sawston White Lion, will have no hesitation in sending off any Santa-season sinners.
“I don’t stand for any nonsense,” she warned.
She shrugs off any touchline ribaldry as she carries out one of her hobbies in a rich, fun-packed life.
Take yesterday. The 41-year-old live-wire from Comberton spent some of the afternoon in Cambridge belting out ‘60s rock and roll with two of her three sons under the “Generation Link” banner.
“Corny name, isn’t it,” chortled Bone, who is also a Parish Councillor, netball player and coach, life-saver, cycle racer and that rarity—a woman [football] referee.
And a mum—“I was just making the beds” was her opening remark—who works from home in desk-top publishing.
A trio of players have found to their cost this season that Bone knows how to control footballers from colts league to County League, Division Three.
She is also able to run the line at a higher level.
This is the third season she has spent in the middle, following in the refereeing footsteps of Comberton neighbour Beverley Chapman.
Bone managed [one of] the village colts team for four years, only taking the Cambridgeshire FA-run referees’ course so she could teach her players the laws.
And if there is any leg-pulling from any of those footballers on Saturday…watch out!

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