Riparian Booklet Illustrations: River Brue, Somerset

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I have been continuing to try different methods of artwork to illustrate the series of riparian booklets I am producing and co-authoring with Sylvia M Haslam.

Sylvia and I have worked together for many years. I designed a logo specifically for some of her work: “River Friend – To Discover • To Assess • To Conserve • To Save” – a simple but very important message to everyone who is interested in river ecology and its conservation and management. This is the logo, which you may have seen on some publications such as

S.M. Haslam (1997) The River Scene, Ecology and Cultural Heritage, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, ISBN 0 521 57410 2 Hardback.
S.M. Haslam (2004) River Kbir: the hidden wonder. Typeset and present press-ready files onto CD (for printing in Malta). ISBN 99932-0-295-9
S.M. Haslam (2004): Wied Garnaw in Santa Lucija. A Field Study Guide. Santa Lucija Local Council, Malta. 38pp. ISBN 99932-0-339-4
S.M. Haslam (2002): Our Nature, our Heritage. A Field Study Guide. Ministry of Agriculture, Malta. 52 pp. ISBN 99932-0-204-5
S.M. Haslam (2001): Wied il–Lunziata. A Field Study Guide. Ministry for Gozo, Malta. ISBN 99932-0-086-7
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S.M. Haslam, (1991) The Historic River  Cobden of Cambridge Press

The latest set of artwork is draft pen and ink drawings from photographs taken by Sylvia which illustrate particular things to do with river landscapes. These sketches are specifically for the booklet about the River Brue  for which I have already done a few water colour/pen and ink paintings as well as some schematic diagrams drawn by computer (see these below the pen and ink drawings).

Here are the [draft] drawings and schematic diagrams for the booklet about the River Brue in Somerset:



Here is the artworkSaveSave

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