RAS Exhibition and Gransden Show

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It is not easy to be physically in two places at once, but it is easy for artwork to be so!

It all started on Thursday evening: went to the Royston Town Hall with my artwork submissions and some cards and helped out with setting up the exhibition. I was assigned to checking in the paintings, and what a gorgeous assortment there was – all different paintings in many different styles.

Home and bed, then early Friday morning preparing last minute stuff for Gransden Show. This year we were allowed to set up our stands on Friday afternoon, and after hubby came home from playing golf we had a quick lunch and trundled off to Gransden with all the equipment for my stand. I thought it better not to take the paintings and cards etc., as overnight in a marquee makes things very damp. However, upon setting up the displays, and seeing that most other exhibitors were setting up all their goods, we decided to go back home and collect most of the stuff and bring it back, but leaving it in sealed boxes overnight (which still did not prevent a few things from “sagging” with the damp, but they recovered quickly.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit and especially those who purchased something – it is all much appreciated. It was a splendid day and my eldest granddaughter visited us in the afternoon and was very helpful when we had to pack away. She stayed for a Chinese takeaway afterwards, which ended a very nice day. Sales were down a bit this year – but that is the economic climate, so to sell anything is a bonus at the moment.

So all day Sunday, checking sales sheets and monies from Gransden at home. Then another trip to Royston Town Hall at 5.30 to help with packing down. When you help with an exhibition, it makes you realise just how much work goes into organising these events. I appreciate even more every chance I get to exhibit. Thank you RAS for the exhibition, and it was lovely to sell an original painting: “Autumn Leaves and Fungi, var. unknown”. I think it helped that this little painting was featured on the Exhibition poster! (The exhibition continues online until December)

NFS: Artist Code: 1811 Autumn Leaves and Fungi. Picture Profile

All-in-all a splendid weekend, and I now have to try and get a few more “Nettie’s Nature jigsaw puzzles” made for my next exhibition stand at Swaffham Arts Festival – it was lovely that I sold out of one: “Love at First Sight” (Kingfishers amongst the reeds and daisies)

Most popular “Nettie’s Nature Jigsaw Puzzle” this weekend (23-25 September 2022)
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