Pint of Science Sketch now ready for Paint

Posted by Tina on April 19, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I have made good progress with the Pint of Science drawing transfer today, even though the light was very poor (although sun shining brightly now 3.30pm!). This meant that it was difficult to take a decent photograph of the finished sketch. This progress picture is light-enhanced so that you can see the drawing – but I assure you the colours are photography glare, not the actual canvas which is still quite nice and white. All grid lines have been removed and the canvas is now ready for its first application of paint. But before I do that I am going to practise with the acrylic paint on a spare piece of canvas to get the feel of it. I will keep posting progress pictures every few days. Thank you for visiting and, if you have any comments, please email me.


Canvas Sketch Completed

Canvas Sketch Completed


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