NWAS Art exhibition at the Forum Norwich 2021

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The Natural World Art Society Exhibition at the Forum, Norwich 27 September to 3 October 2021.

There is a lot of preparation by artists beforehand for such a large exhibition. Panel space needs to be sorted and equipment tried out for size to fit in each artist’s allocated space. People like to rummage, so I placed my spare cards in a “rummage box”. Also on display on my stand were the little River Friend books about things riparian and riverine, six of which I have published so far. The Artist’s Panels of work as delivered in the little film are listed below the link

PS: I hope you enjoy the little film and music – a little song I wrote about 20 years ago entitled “A Little Reminder”! Just a thought: at the rate things are going, how long do you think it will be before all we have is paintings and drawings to remind us of the wonderful animals and plants that used to be?

Mine (Tina Bone) – All [natural] things bright and beautiful; John Palmer – Whacky frames with lively pictures; Helen Rawlings – Moonlight capers and feather work; Rosalie Gibb – Cute Puffins and penguins, all with names; Marie Bridge – Exquisite needlecraft pictures in 3D; Jan Heath paints on used tea bags and Victoria Bond’s fabulous images made from paper cutting; Chris Bacon – Fantastic pencil and colour work; Angela May Smith – Transforms pastel work into photorealistic images; Frances Sullivan – An artist with epic skills regarding all things equine; Tony Colledge – manipulates his photographs to produce stunning colour vistas; Carol Creswell – shows the spirit of big cats and their habitats; Viv Rainsbury has a unique and lovely painting style and Ann Croucher’s beautiful birds and African animals evoked many lovely comments; Jan Lacey’s depiction of Australian reptiles and spiders is second to none and her floral and landscape artworks were fabulous. We also had a flying visit from Superman, AKA Charlie, and a big hug for me – he loved my parrots painting. I was incumbent all week and had a red kite painting on the go. It was lovely to answer peoples’ questions and to receive their kind comments. The painting is now on the back burner as I have to continue working on my next little River Friend Book entitled “Water: Clean and Dirty”. This is one of the illustrations for it – the Roman Baths at Bath. The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk – what a place for an art exhibition.

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