Nominated for the 37th Edition of the Dictionary of International Biography

Posted by Tina on April 17, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

17th April, received an invitation from the Hon. General Editor of the Dictionary of International Biography to be included in the Thirty-Seventh Edition to be published Winter 2013. My name was put forward, and inclusion is by invitation only. Whoever the kind person was who nominated me, I am most grateful and humbled that you think I am worthy. Thank you.

Working on my book is taking all my time! Although I do have a Green Woodpecker painting in the wings.

My ‘stint’ as a steward at the Natural World Art Group Easter Exhibition on Monday, 8th April (Banham Zoo) resulted in the sale of six original paintings, one of which was my ‘Pearly King and Queen’ painting (Code 1106) – a very pleasant feeling.
My Beallara Orchid painting has been selected for the 2013 SBA Exhibition, and is featured both on the SBA website and in the printed Exhibition Catalogue.

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