New Drainage Pipes – Report for Book

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19 March 2014 – And a bit more for the book: Received a telephone call from a golfing friend to say she had a frozen [male] chaffinch in her freezer, if I should like to add it to my collection – and I said ‘yes’ of course! Near my friend’s house is Bourn Brook in Caxton End, Bourn, and I noticed that the road was closed. I enquired of a workman who was sitting in his van having a break and he informed me that the road was to be raised a few feet and large drainage pipes would be laid on the opposite side of the road to where the brook runs, with the run-off being channelled into the brook. I had a peep, and noticed a huge drainage pipe protruding through the staked wall on the roadside bank. So I posit that this might help to stop the road flooding (although the ford is still a bit further on and will always flood either side along the road), but because the water will run a lot faster through the pipes it will also affect the height of the brook’s waters when it is swollen? This will surely have a knock-on effect further downstream, if not immediately where the drainage pipe waters flow into the brook itself. I shall try to pop along again tomorrow and take some photographs.

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