Marwell Art Market and Exhibition 30 August to 1 September 2013

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30 August to 1 September 2013: Just had the greatest experience ever of art and artists at the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’s Annual Exhibition (which also featured the winning entries of the 2013 BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition), where I had four paintings selected for the exhibition and was in attendance at the Art Market over the three days. My new notelets packs, coasters, unique Diwejisaws and usual prints, cards and calendars sold very well and there were wonderful comments from visitors, such as: ‘Keep it up, and thank you so much for all the pleasure you give’; ‘You are such a happy person – it shines through in your wonderful work’; ‘Your stand is the brightest and most colourful in the exhibition’; ‘We hope you come along again next year’. Having sold work previously which has travelled to Australia, America, Canada, Spain and France, after this exhibition, I can now add India and Mexico to the list! It was wonderful to meet with The Great [Pip] McGarry and his bubbly wife Jan (who describes herself as ‘Admin and Trolley Pusher’), Vic Bearcroft, Natalie Mascall, Georgina Gibbons (who was in my team which helped to hang the artworks for the exhibition), Jamie Boots, Paul Matthews, and so many more leading wildlife artists. An exhibition to remember – absolutely wonderful.


I had sketched several hedgerow plants (see 26 August entry) specially to paint them whilst demonstrating at the art market. However, there was no time to paint as visitors were almost constant and wished to talk, so I only managed to [almost] complete one little drawing Рa crab apple! But this and the others will keep for another day.


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