List of Plants to Paint for my Book

Posted by Tina on May 13, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

List of plants to find for the book: Caltha palustris, Kingcup, Marsh marigold (PAINTED – Artist code 1404); Ranunculus flammula, Lesser spearwort; Ranunculus sceleratus, Celery-leaved buttercup; Ranunculus omiophyllus, Round-leaved crowfoot; Ranunculus baudotii, Brackish water crowfoot; Mentha aquatica, Water mint; Elatine hexandra, Waterwort; Veronica anagallis-aquatica, Blue water speedwell; Veronica catenata, Pink water speedwell; Butomas umbellatus, Flowering Rush (PAINTED – Artist code 1305). If you know where any of these plants are growing near Cambridge, I should be most grateful to hear from you.

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