Group Hug: Meerhug (Artist Code 1520)

Posted by Tina on November 16, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Tried out my new Polychromos oil pencils. Very difficult! Even though I have 120 colours, I never seemed to have the one which I needed. Mixing these pencils by layering one colour on top of another to produce the correct colour is a task, I can see, that will only come about with practice. For instance, if you have a black eye which needs a white spec, DON’T put the black on first, or leave a blank piece for filling in later. The lighter colours will not show over the darker ones! So I have put the tin away until I have finished my commissions and a few other paintings which are already started and need to be finished. But I quite like the finished picture which is called ‘Meerhug’ and have made a few cards. I captured These cute little things on camera at Banham zoo earlier in the year. (Of course they are not so cute when they fight a snake or kill a scorpion to eat!). They are related to the Mongoose family.


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