Dormouse Workshop

Posted by Tina on August 15, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Attended a workshop to learn about dormice. It was an excellent one-day course and I learned a great deal about the lovely little rodents. I have already drawn a composition but really wanted to meet one in the flesh, but not to be as in the field trip they proved elusive. But I now know that they have five digits on their ‘hands’ and four digits on their feet, and that the inner ‘thumb’ of each hand does not have a claw. They really are beautiful little animals and I think the only rodent where handlers do not need to wear gloves. But I also learned that if you pull their tails the skin (and fur) is shed which is how they may protect themselves and steal away from a predator who grabs it. So great care is needed when holding them (if I ever get the chance!). But I feel I now know this little creature well enough to portray him in a good light. This is the preliminary drawing, which may now have to change because dormice do not eat bryony berries as they are poisonous to them, so a little re-think is required:


Checking nest box for resident dormice, and empty nest:


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