Demise of my first Stylus Pro 4900

Posted by Tina on October 15, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

My Stylus Pro 4900 printer finally died on Sunday (12th October, 2014). I have only had it since December 2011 and the workload has not been onerous. My son has gallantly kept it going beyond its [un-]service life but we had to admit defeat and send it to an early grave. I am in the middle of printing cards and calendars for end of year exhibitions, having quite a few postcards only half printed! So hats off to David Harrison at Digital Photo Solutions, for coming to my rescue. We have completed the whole transaction for a new Stylus Pro 4900 in three days, and it should be with me some time today.

(I know, you say, with all the bother why buy yet another Epson? There is no machine out there at the moment that is anywhere near as perfect as the output from the Stylus Pro, so I bite the bullet and hope that I receive one that lasts a bit longer this time. But to save the mental anguish of clogged nozzles etc., this time I am paying a bit extra for the two-year warranty, which makes three years on-site labour and parts coverage in all. By that time I may be ready to retire…).

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