Book Stuff: Wet and Dry!

Posted by Tina on August 07, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I have just spent most of the day walking Bourn Brook with a very nice man who lived in Caxton End, Bourn, for 60 years, and now lives in Caxton. He has worked the land and knows Bourn Brook’s many ups and downs. He agreed to be interviewed and we spent several hours driving, walking, and talking about the history of the Brook. He very kindly has lent me some books and papers which show a remarkable history. I took some photographs during our journey today and below give two contrasts of the diverse behaviour of the brook: The left hand photograph was taken today, and the right one by my interviewee in about 1980. It is so hard to believe the contrast! Note that the white marker post on the right of the first photograph measures 7feet! It is noticeable that a brick wall has now been built round the front garden, but both photographs show the wooden posts at the rear, and the concrete posts at the front.



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