BCN Wildlife Trust, Cambourne Christmas Fair – sold lots of new jigsaw puzzles!

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The Christmas Fair at the Manor House, Cambourne to which I was invited by the Wildlife Trust was a very busy affair. Stallholders arrived from 1.00pm and had until 2.30pm to set up. The Fair opened to the public at 3.00pm and the four hours of opening flashed by in an instant – albeit with lots of mulled wine, mince pies and visitors. I had a great time meeting everyone and was so happy that my new range of jigsaw puzzles sold extremely well. I am sure the event raised some much needed funds for the Trust, and it was mentioned that the raffle raised the largest amount yet. All too soon we had to pack away, say our goodbyes and Christmas salutations and said “See you next year!” Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event – it was just great!

Whilst setting up and taking our stuff into the building, we had to pass this beautiful pond. It still has water plants growing (now out of season). But a nice scene to pass by several times as we carted everything inside.
I had two tables – one for jigsaw puzzles, the other for cards, calendars, prints and artwork.
Some superb raffle prizes were on offer, including two bumper hampers (one food, the other gin!).
Lots of Wildlife Trust goodies at their special table – just out of shot to the right is the camera-selling table.
Another perspective to my table: people kept asking how much the framed artworks were on the walls. But of course, these are display photographs of the Trust and there is some really beautiful work amongst the pieces. A great day.
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