Back to work: Macaws and Swam Hibiscus

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So a new year begins and back to work. I have had many ideas over the festive break and cannot wait to get back to some serious artwork production. I started today a large oil painting entitled ‘Blue and Gold Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus’ (there is also a cheese plant bottom left corner). Here is the painted sketch on canvas measuring 40″ by 16″. I shall post progress, but before I begin to paint it in earnest I need the sketch to dry thoroughly so that I do not lose my way once I put colour on. So a couple of days finishing off a water colour illumination which has been kicking around for a few years will bridge the gap. Whilst visiting Banham Zoo between 2012 and 2014 I seriously watched the macaws they have on display – sometimes very grumpy and angry with loud screeches and flutters; and other times gently preening each other and softly clucking. But they are mostly up to mischief so I am trying to depict a sense of their enjoying life as a family group as if in the wild tropical jungle. Resource photographs were taken by me at Banham Zoo with one coming from a golfing friend, Martin Johns, to whom I am indebted. The background compilation is a complete fabrication within my imagination (although some of the plants I have seen), as too is the positioning of the birds.

 Blue Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus. Sketch on Canvas done with Light Sepia Oil

Blue Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus. Sketch on Canvas done with Light Sepia Oil Paint

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