Artist Code 1517 and 1518 – Colour version at last!

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I have been working on two paintings at the same time which I started in 2015. Resources are from photographs which my husband took for me at the Soham Ploughing Championships in 2013.

In the spring of 2015, I produced two line drawings on tracing paper to transfer on to good water colour paper and then paint them. However, I ran out of time because I received several commissions and typesetting jobs so the two artworks were “filed”. I then had the chance to have a stand at the Suffolk Horse Society Spectacular at Elveden in September 2015 so hurriedly scanned the drawings and made some sepia coloured canvas prints and cards, of which I sold quite a few on the day.

Having totally forgotten about the drawings since then, when seeking inspiration, I had a delve into my “sketchbook suitcase” and they were rediscovered. I felt it was time to promote them to being completed. Primarily water colour, but with black and gold ink, the pictures below show progress so far. I hope to complete them for an exhibition at the end of October (2021!!). I hope you like them. (Painted on Aquarelle Arches 100% cotton rag 12″ x 16″.)

1517. “The Shires”. Two beautiful black shire horses in all their splendid regalia, working hard on the straight and farrow!
1518. “The ‘Punches”. Not quite so regaled, but nevertheless beautiful working horses.
1518. “The ‘Punches” – same stage as the Shires above.
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