Artist Code 1208: Hybrid Orchid Beallara Tahoma Glacier Green for Botanical Artists Banner!

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My cropped banner entry. See below for full lifesize painting and link to picture profile

11th March 2022: Received a nice note from Dianne Sutherland Ball (Admin for a private Facebook group for Botanical Artists:

Thank you to everyone who entered the banner challenge. After a discussion we decided that everyone’s work will be featured as the banner in order to showcase it over the next year or so! Congratulations and thanks go to Bonnie App, Tina Bone, Kathy Brubaker Davies, Giovanni Cera, Raashmi Chakravarti, Toni Dade, Sue Fuller, Prerna Gupta, Sandunmali Kulasekara, Jane Roxburgh, Anuradha Sarin Khurana, Magriet Schellekens-nivard, Liz Schofield. I’ll change the banner every month in the above order. After 17 banner challenges over several years, we have decided to change the way we do the banner challenge – in the future we will feature more members of the group, more about that later. Thanks also go to Silvana Rava for her beautiful lichen painting which has been our banner for the last year. Thank you again [from] Dianne and Sigrid

The first banner in the series. What an honour!
SOLD 1208 Hybrid Orchid Beallara Tahoma Glacier Green

Picture Profile

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