2311-12 Wall Panels: Bringing in the Flowers of the Garden

Posted by Tina on November 20, 2023  /   Posted in Original Artwork, Painted Wall Panels

Started a new commission over the weekend. Two wall panels both 48″ tall but varying widths, bringing the flowers of the garden into the dining room. Paintings in acrylic on canvas.

Panel 1: Preliminary sketch for layout plan and flowers to include in the design. Centre right is the panel shape which will be pasted between two wooden beams to the wall using fish glue.

Panel 1: Design sketch transferred to 48” canvas. Hollyhock is the centre piece surrounded left by various clematis varieties and right by roses, love-in-a-mist and harebells. Bottom sweet peas, dog daisies and honesty seeds.

Panel 1: Painting started: top right hand corner as I am left-handed. Climbing dog rose – preliminary leaves.

Panel 1: Climbing dog rose – second coat leaves.

Panel 1: Climbing dog rose – Roses started.

The day light has been awful since I started this painting, and does not allow much time each day. Very frustrating. And I am out of sorts trying to paint standing up!

Roses completed.

On to Hollyhock buds! But the light has beaten me yet again today. I really must get used to painting by artificial light, but so far I have had much trouble actually seeing my work even under “day” lights!

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