1515: Progress update – Golden Pheasants and Bluebells

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As I am still awaiting a green light to publish my fourth book in the River Friend Series: “INTERPRET: What Do Plants Tell Us?” I decided to start Book 5: “REED—ON THE EDGE”. I am doing a final edit on the text and deciding what illustrations should be in. I am thinking about Bearded Reedlings (Tits) and Reed-thatched cottage, reedbed, etc. I will post some of the pictures when they are done.

But sitting at a computer can be very tiring, so in between computer work I am getting back to this water colour painting which I started in 2015, when I painted the drawing onto 12″ x 16″ fine art 100% cotton rag paper (Aquarelle Arches). It lay dormant until I got it out in early May 2020. Here are some progress photographs since I started painting it in May. I hope you enjoy the story so far! Hours of toil: 54 and counting…

Drawing done in 2015 (Artist Code 1515) and am now just getting round to slapping on the water colour! 16″ x 12″
This is just a top slither of the first painting stint….
I decided to add some buttercups. Whilst out for a little walk I noticed some Spanish bluebells and beautiful yellow buttercups growing in a garden and came back and put them in my picture.
Had to lay off for a couple of weeks here to finish some private work.
Started again Sunday 31st May 2020! I noticed a redtail bumblebee in my little wild garden suckling the nectar from a dead nettle, so he has been put in the drawing too!
Well, that’s the 54-hours’ worth and all for now. Going off to play tennis in a minute for the first time since January – Yippee!!!!!
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