1512: Dutch Tulip Progress

Posted by Tina on December 13, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Tulipa: Bridgit Parrot

Too many jollies lately (always happens around Christmas, does it not?). But fitting in a bit of painting between eating too much and enjoying the festive spirit with friends and family. I hope everyone is doing the same. I have been working on a special tulip painting (the flowers have ‘frilly’ edges!) since the summer and reacquainted myself with the work over the last week. It is coming along nicely, and I hope to finish it in the next couple of days. This is the preliminary design drawing with a bit of the actual painting which was done in mid September. The style of this painting is based on the Dutch Masters and their floral paintings, i.e. solid bold colour and dark body colour background. I will post the finished work here (eventually!).


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