1510 A Pint of Science: Painting, Lecture and Exhibition all Complete

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Last night I attended the Pint of Science lectures at The Cambridge Boat House pub, Chesterton Road. The lectures were wonderful, and the atmosphere was electrically scientific, but light and entertaining. All three lecturers provided a good evening’s entertainment. I met Helen Scales (my scientist) and she was extremely pleased with my painting to complement her talk on the Gambian women who look after the mangrove forests in order to protect their livelihood of harvesting Mangrove Oysters. The finished piece, along with all the other artists’ work for the Pint of Science event, will be on display, at the one-day exhibition at St Barnabas Church, Mill Road, Cambridge:
13.00 Exhibition Opens
18.00 Official opening with deputy Mayor speech; voting for Artist Prizes
18.30 – 18.40: Flying Machines
19.00 – 19.15: Dance performance
19.30 – 20.10: Flying Machines
21.00: Announcement of Prize winners.
10.00: Close.
A percentage of sales will be donated to the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.
This was a great event to be part of and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of painting for the first time with acrylic paints and also listening first hand to some first class lectures. Thank you Creative Reactions for all your hard work in organizing everything. [Below is the completed painting. And I still do not like painting with Acrylics!]

1510 Pint of Science: Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster. Completed Painting.

1510 Pint of Science: Guardians of the Mangrove Oyster. Completed Painting.


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