1508: Border Skirmish Framed and ready for NEWA

Posted by Tina on June 24, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

The dormice painting “Border Skirmish” has been to the framers and is now back, labelled, and ready to go to the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA). All I am waiting upon now are my new stiffy bags! Apparently they are coming by Parcel Force, but I have not heard when, and I need them by the end of next week. I do hope they come in time.

This is the beautiful rustic handmade frame¬†– all wood, so¬†quite heavy! Alas, it may not be selected for NEWA (more difficult by the year as there are so many talented people out there), in which case it will come back to me and I shall have it available for other exhibitions. I am also sending up my Snow Leopard and Gannets oil paintings which, of course, might also just have a trip to Cheshire and back again! But I always hope for success…

1508 Framed Border Skirmish (Dormice)

1508 Framed Border Skirmish (Dormice)

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