NETTIE’S NATURE PUZZLES: February 2022 now available direct from JHG Jigsaws


A series of 12 extremely challenging, traditional jigsaw puzzles “Netties Nature Puzzles”. They make lovely, unique gifts for friends and family 1000-piece puzzles – £14.

Follow this link to the “Nature and Wildlife” section on JHG Jigsaws Website and scroll down the page to “Nettie’s Nature Puzzles: VIEW NETTIES NATURE PUZZLES on the Nature and Wildlife Page at JHG’s

Now available also: 250-piece Wooden Jigsaws (4 pictures, see links below) £38 each.


A Delicate “Paws” – British Brown Hares

August Jay – Beautiful Jay on a branch amongst acorns and elderberries.

“Canoodling in the Loquats” – Golden Orioles amongst loquat fruits, traditional 1000-piece

250-piece Wooden Jigsaw Canoodling in the Loquats (Golden Orioles and Loquats)

Gingerly crossing the River Nar – Red Fox and Muntjacs on a summer’s day

Golden Pheasants and Bluebells, traditional 1000-piece

250-piece Wooden Jigsaw Golden Pheasants and Bluebells

“Pearly King and Queen” – Great Crested Grebes

“Red Admirals and Woody” – Great Spotted Woodpecker, Red Admiral butterflies amongst the Crab apples, traditional 1000-piece

250-piece Wooden Jigsaw Red Admirals and “Woody” (Red Admiral butterflies and Great Spotted Woodpecker in crab apple)

“Sun’s up; time for bed!” – Barn Owls

“Tayabak with Critters” – Exotic Jade Vine, Sunbirds and pygmy bat

“The Sentinel Yearling” – young Roe Deer and Goldfinches amongst late summer foliage

“Three New Blades” – Fieldfares and Redwing amongst fallen apples on a crisp, frosty morning, traditioinal 1000-piece

250-piece Wooden Jigsaw “Three New Blades” (Fieldfares and Redwing eating berries and apples)

Winter Leaves at Wicken Fen – Long eared owl at Wicken Fen

Product Description

This series, for Nature Lovers, of traditional, 2mm cardboard jigsaw puzzles comprises 12 designs, ranging from difficult to extremely difficult. The 1000-piece is approximately 69cm x 48cm when completed, and each puzzle is in a polythene bag, sealed in a white cardboard box. Use box-top picture for reference. (Please note that, due to machinery constraints, there may be a slight discrepancy between the edges of the reference picture on the box lid with the actual puzzle—providing a greater degree of difficulty!) Made by JHG Jigsaw Puzzles Ltd, the puzzle materials are ECO friendly: the puzzle board and puzzle boxes are made from recycled card. The paper for the print is FSC certified and the glue used to stick the picture to the card is starch based.

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