LIMITED EDITION PRINTS: Fine Art Prints • £20 to £75


See Product Description below for Prints in stock.
If you have browsed the galleries and seen a painting of which you would like a limited edition print and it is not listed in the Product Description here, please contact me with the Artist Code and size you would like. I will probably be able to provide it, if the edition is not sold out.

MOUNTED Fine Art Prints (Off-White Ingres Archival Mount):
16″ x 12”—£40
16″ x 20”—£50
Fine Art PRINTS (unmounted):
A4—£20 (8.5” x 11.8”)
A3—£45 (13” x 19”)
A2—£75 (16” x 23”)


Product Description

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (mounted and print only): All current prints offered for sale are stored in a dark, dry environment which ensures they are in pristine condition. The “In stock” figure refers to the number of editions still available, which will be printed on demand. Printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper 260gms. Bright white surface, 100% cotton rag professional paper. Each product comes with an authentication label and is individually sealed in a cello bag. Plus Postage and Packing. UK MAINLAND ONLY.

0001 Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia). A2 Print 8/10 £75

1001 Flag Iris and Friends. A3 Print 10/10 £45

1406 Snooky Snow Leopard. A2 Print 6/500 £75

1515 Golden Pheasants & Bluebells. A3 Print 1/200 £45

1806 Fantastic Catch (Grey Heron). A2 Print 1/50 £75

0008 “Pink Orchid” Mounted Print 2/50 £40

0703 Song Thrushes in Ivy Mounted Print 10/10 £40

0807 “Fritillaries and Dew Drops” Mounted Print 7/10 £50

1106 “Pearly King and Queen” Mounted Print 10/350 £50

1301 “One O’Clock High” Mounted Print 9/300 £50

1506 Little Explorers at the Mini-Mart Mounted Print 9/200 £40

1507 “For me? Wow!” (Kingfishers) Mounted Print 1/200 £40

1509 A Delicate “Paws” (Hare) Mounted Print 6/200 £50

1604 “Three New Blades” Mounted Print 1/100 £50

1609 “Bird Garden Illumination” Mounted Print 1/50 £40

1802 “Pasqueflower” Mounted Print 1/250 £40

902 “Incubation calls” Mounted Print 1/50 £50


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