25 November 2019: Lovely note regarding my Trout painting (Artist Code 1903 Picture Profile)

Dear Tina I can’t tell you how much XXX loved your painting of the trout.…our romance started with a poem about a river and a salmon…but as time went on he started to call me “Trout!” The picture made me cry and he smiled and cried too and said, “XXX darling, it’s us, my little Trout!”. You are so gifted! Thank you so much for getting it to us…also congratulations on the little books! They are looking wonderful. Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

May 2019: My first ever painting workshop for beginners:

Dear Tina, I attach the latest work on my watercolour. I did the left hand leaf with you, I think you can see the difference with the other two, when I didn’t have your guiding hand… I struggled to foreshorten the middle leaf.
Thank you so much for a lovely lovely day, such a joy, and you taught us so well, were so encouraging and also got round us all. Thank you for sending the invaluable resource cards, which as I said, I think would make lovely cards in themselves. I hope you now do more teaching as I will enjoy carrying on painting.

August 2016 Prints hung in a Saudi Palace:

…I also said that I would send you a photo of your wonderful prints in their frames for our project so I have attached these for you and we think they look really lovely. Bearing in mind they’ll be hung in a palace in Saudi.

August 2016: Commission for packaging:

What a beautiful image, the lavender looks pretty and delicate. We are going to mock up a design with your illustration and present it to the board of directors. Hopefully its a winning design! If it is I will contact you immediately 🙂 No wonder you are selling cards already, it really is a wonderful illustration.

August 2014: The Grandmas’ Picnic

The commissioner of the painting The Grandmas’ Picnic arrived at my studio today, after travelling all the way from Australia. He had requested that I keep my Cambridge Open Studio Exhibition up until he came over. It was a wonderful day and we had a nice chat and a cup of tea. He was very pleased with the finished painting

March 2012: Two paintings chosen as Whimsy Jigsaw puzzles

I have good news. We’d like to use your image, if still available for licensing, in our summer 2012 catalogue. We actually like two ‘Chiff Chaffs’ and ‘Orioles’ (I’ve attached small copies). We’ve selected Orioles for summer, but what season is ‘Chiff Chafs’? Would it work for autumn?

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