Dry Drayton Inaugural Art Exhibition (Cambs)

Posted by Tina on October 08, 2017  /   no comment

I was delighted to be invited to submit some work to this brand new exhibition in the Village Hall at Dry Drayton (location) this weekend (7th and 8th October 2017). Admission is free and the exhibition is open from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Do go along and visit if you can – the paintings are beautifully […]

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1705-1708 Nature’s Time (Paintable Clocks)

Posted by Tina on August 29, 2017  /   no comment

It is traditional at most golf clubs for Lady Captain (and other Captains) to have a special competition day for her members (Lady Captain’s Day) and, as I am currently Lady Captain of my golf club at Bourn (Cambs), I decided to make my theme for my day “Nature’s Time”. There were many prizes of […]

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1703 ABBA Bluebells SECOND UPDATE (Worldwide Flora Exhibition 2018)

Posted by Tina on July 12, 2017  /   no comment

Link to previous post on this Exhibition: ABBA Post Link to first update for this Exhibition: First ABBA Update I have now completed my bluebells ready for the ABBA selection committee (online submission November 2017). ABBA on Facebook The trials and tribulations of the weather sometimes have a huge impact on how a painting turns […]

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1703 ABBA Bluebells UPDATE (Worldwide Flora Exhibition 2018)

Posted by Tina on June 23, 2017  /   no comment

Link to previous post on this Exhibition: First ABBA Post The weather was rather awful whilst I was trying to complete my bluebells; the photographs look a bit grey – that is because the light was very poor. Fortunately, I had mixed enough blues and greens to complete the painting as soon as I had […]

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1703 ABBA Bluebells – water colour (Worldwide Flora Exhibition 2018)

Posted by Tina on May 08, 2017  /   no comment

Back to latest post. The Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA) will be holding its inaugural exhibition in 2018; a worldwide event whereby lots of countries will be holding an exhibition at the same time, all showing their natural flora. I hope very much to participate in this event and have chosen two iconic British plants […]

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Landscape Artist of the Year 2017

Posted by Tina on April 25, 2017  /   no comment

Dear All who read this post:I have been asked if I would like to apply for Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 by the producer of Storyvault Films Limited. Those of you who follow my work will know that landscape is not really my thing (unless under commission). But rather than just ignore the email […]

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1603 Monty Two (Commission completed)

Posted by Tina on March 04, 2017  /   no comment

I have not lifted a paintbrush since November 2016, but in the last two weeks managed to find time to complete a commission. His name is Monty (Artist Code 1603), and this is the second time I have portrayed him (the first was a graphite drawing, Artist Code 0905). Sadly Monty passed away a couple […]

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0005: White Lily used for packaging at Grace Cole

Posted by Tina on December 19, 2016  /   no comment

A year on and I can reveal a secret: My lily painting is being used in the decorative packaging for a new product from Grace Cole: Rose & Lily – http://www.gracecole.co.uk/luxury-floral-duo.html And this is a link to the picture history: http://tinasfineart.uk/picture-profile-0005-white-lilies/

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1509: “Paws for Thought” Progress

Posted by Tina on December 18, 2016  /   no comment

Had a bit of time this morning to add some detail to the Paws for Thought painting. Unfortunately it is such a long time since I picked up a paint brush I find I am struggling to remember how to paint! Most frustrating. I can feel by the way this one is going that it […]

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