Banham Zoo Exhibition and When Not to Caravan!

Posted by Tina on April 01, 2018  /   no comment

Over Easter I am exhibiting with the Natural World Art Society Exhibition and David (hubby) and I decided to spend a few days away in our caravan, staying on a beautiful CL (Certified Location – for members of the Caravan Club of which we have been members since 1980) just outside Diss. When we arrived […]

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Riparian Booklet Illustrations: River Brue, Somerset

Posted by Tina on February 03, 2018  /   no comment

I have been continuing to try different methods of artwork to illustrate the series of riparian booklets I am producing and co-authoring with Sylvia M Haslam. Sylvia and I have worked together for many years. I designed a logo specifically for some of her work: “River Friend – To Discover • To Assess • To […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination – COMPLETED

Posted by Tina on January 28, 2018  /   no comment

There were some pressing home matters to attend to over the weekend, so I did not get this painting completed by Sunday evening as I had hoped. However, I have just completed it at lunch time today (Wednesday 24th January 2018! (Aren’t Banana flowers most strange?) Here is a little film of the progress saga, […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination – Update on Progress

Posted by Tina on January 19, 2018  /   no comment

With the lovely sunshine of the last two days, it has made possible quite a bit of painting. Bearing in mind how many hours it takes me to paint a picture, I have made (what I think to be) good progress on the Bird Garden Illumination painting since my last post. I do really need […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination

Posted by Tina on January 17, 2018  /   no comment

Following on from my previous diary entry (link below), I have been utilizing the skills gained by my little Beatrix Potter exercise to produce a few draft drawings and paintings for the series of riparian booklets I am producing with Sylvia M Haslam. We have been researching for the booklets since 2010, and now at […]

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1702 The Aylesbury Duck

Posted by Tina on January 02, 2018  /   no comment

You may be aware that I am in the process of producing the artwork for a series of riparian booklets with my co-author,  Sylvia Haslam. For some time I have been wondering how I would like to produce the illustrations and suddenly thought about the work of Beatrix Potter, whom I believe was a great […]

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1704 ABBA Stinking Iris (Not selected)

Posted by Tina on December 27, 2017  /   no comment

I had been asked by ABBA to send a little study case about the preparation and painting of my Stinking Iris picture for their website. However, as mentioned in my previous post, I sent them the wrong image for the selection process (very strict rules), so the picture did not make it at all! But […]

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1703 and 1704 ABBA Bluebells and Stinking Iris

Posted by Tina on December 18, 2017  /   no comment

Well some doors just get slammed in your face and this morning that did happen to me (see below). But I always firmly believe that doors shut and others open, so I always try to make the best of whatever comes my way, whether good or bad. The good news is that I managed to […]

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