01: Original Artworks For Sale (Framed and Unframed)

To order an Original framed or mounted painting, please view the Product Description below and click on “CLICK TO PURCHASE” to buy your favoured painting(s).

Please note: once completed, all sheet, mounted or framed originals are stored in a light-proof area so colours remain unspoiled and in pristine condition (unless otherwise stated). Photographs of the originals do not always replicate the actual colours, but terms and conditions ensure that if the painting is not as you envisaged, a returns policy is in place.

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Product Description

Exclusive Original Artwork available from Tina’s Fine Art UK:

If you wish to know more about each artwork, please click on the respective link below to view a picture profile:

Mounted Originals
Baby Bloom Cactus (0011) Picture Profile
Plum-tuckered, Kool-kat Lion Cub (0903) Picture Profile
New Forest Foals and Mares (1014) Picture Profile

Framed Originals
Milky Yellow Lily IV of V (0812) Picture Profile
Snooky Snow Leopard (1406) Picture Profile
Blue and Yellow Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus (1501) Picture Profile
“For me? Wow!” (1507) Picture Profile
Border Skirmish (Dormice) (1508) Picture Profile
An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge (1516) Picture Profile
Group Meerhug (Meerkats) (1520) Picture Profile
Hidcote, Munstead and Rosa canina (Lavender and Wild Rose) (1607) Picture Profile
Bird Garden Illumination (1609) Picture Profile
Scarlet Berry Iris (1704) Picture Profile
In the Style of Eastern Art (1801) Picture Profile
The Green Man’s Covert (1803) Picture Profile
Roe Deer and Fawn at Fuller’s Mill (1804) Picture Profile

Additional Information

Original Artwork

0011 Baby Bloom Cactus, 0812 Milky Yellow Lily IV of V, 0813 Alan’s Red Lily V of V, 0903 Plum-tuckered, Kool-kat Lion Cub, 1014 New Forest Foals and Mares, 1305 Butomus umbellatus (Flowering rush), 1306 Oenothera biennis (Wild Evening Primrose), 1307 Rosa gallica (Gallic or French Rose), 1404 Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris), 1405 Gooey Gannets, 1406 Snooky Snow Leopard, 1501 Blue and Gold Macaws and Swamp Hibiscus, 1507 For me? Wow! (Kingfishers), 1508 Border Skirmish (Dormice), 1509 A delicate “Paws” (Hares), 1516 An Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge, 1520 Group Meerhug (Meerkats), 1607 Hidcote, Munstead and Rosa canina (Lavender and Wild Rose), 1609 Bird Garden Illumination, 1703 Fairy Flower (Bluebell) and Brimstone, 1704 The Scarlet Berry Iris (Stinking Iris Iris foetidissima), NS09 Nature’s Gems September, NS10 Nature’s Gems October