1514: Barn Owl Picture Update

Posted by Tina on July 01, 2020  /   no comment

A few more hours work on the large barn owl water colour (14″ x 20″). I decided to add some ivy and a few ash leaves to break up the never-ending wood of the large trunk. I now have to turn to some Bearded Tits (Reedlings) for Book 5 in the River Friend Series. Here […]

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1514: Another old drawing gets some paint!

Posted by Tina on June 28, 2020  /   no comment

In 2015 I had the good fortune to visit a friend who had two licensed barn owls, which he keeps in a large aviary. He was very kind and let me sit in the aviary with the owls for a few hours so that I could study their movements, make sketches and take lots (600) […]

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1515 Update: Bluebells and Golden Pheasants

Posted by Tina on June 14, 2020  /   no comment

I have now reached 71 hours on this artwork (and still counting!). The background is now complete, except for a few highlights. It is now going to bed again because Book 5 in the River Friend Series beckons. Book 4 has been submitted for publication, but Ingram Spark have said that it is taking longer […]

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1515: Bluebells and Golden Pheasants – a bit more done

Posted by Tina on June 07, 2020  /   no comment

Sixty and a half hours so far, and still not done all the background yet. This one seems to be so very time-consuming. I tried to paint faster but it does not work. It is worse than painting by numbers (a couple of which I have done years ago for people who asked me because […]

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1515: Progress update – Golden Pheasants and Bluebells

Posted by Tina on June 03, 2020  /   no comment

As I am still awaiting a green light to publish my fourth book in the River Friend Series: “INTERPRET: What Do Plants Tell Us?” I decided to start Book 5: “REED—ON THE EDGE”. I am doing a final edit on the text and deciding what illustrations should be in. I am thinking about Bearded Reedlings […]

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Artist Code 2010: Colour plate for book (or not?) Illumination border

Posted by Tina on June 01, 2020  /   no comment

I have just completed typesetting (I hope for the last time before publishing) the fourth book in the River Friend Series I am co-authoring with Sylvia Haslam. The first page in this book shows the famous poem by William Henry Davies (1871-1940) “Leisure” surrounded by an illuminary border which I composed and outlined with pen […]

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VE Day video with my Painting at Ely Cathedral:

Posted by Tina on May 08, 2020  /   no comment

It was an honour to have my painting chosen to front the VE Day at Ely Cathedral online video on Friday, 8th May 2020. This picture, Artist Code 1602, was commissioned in 2016 and completed in 2017. Commission brief was to portray a World War II Lancaster Bomber flying over Ely Cathedral. The commissioner’s engineering […]

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My Second Water Colour Workshop

Posted by Tina on February 29, 2020  /   no comment

National Women’s’ Register60th AnniversaryWednesday, 26th February 2020, 2.30–4.30pmThe Athenæum, Bury St Edmunds Water Colour Workshop by Tina Bone(Tina’s Fine Art UK) “Ernie…and we had the fastest Art-Class in the West”. Well, East actually! A Fellow Iceni Botanical Artist, who had volunteered to run an Art Class at the National Womens Register 60th Anniversary celebrations, found […]

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