Riparian Booklet Illustrations: River Brue, Somerset

Posted by Tina on February 03, 2018  /   no comment

I have been continuing to try different methods of artwork to illustrate the series of riparian booklets I am producing and co-authoring with Sylvia M Haslam. Sylvia and I have worked together for many years. I designed a logo specifically for some of her work: “River Friend – To Discover • To Assess • To […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination – COMPLETED

Posted by Tina on January 28, 2018  /   no comment

There were some pressing home matters to attend to over the weekend, so I did not get this painting completed by Sunday evening as I had hoped. However, I have just completed it at lunch time today (Wednesday 24th January 2018! (Aren’t Banana flowers most strange?) Here is a little film of the progress saga, […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination – Update on Progress

Posted by Tina on January 19, 2018  /   no comment

With the lovely sunshine of the last two days, it has made possible quite a bit of painting. Bearing in mind how many hours it takes me to paint a picture, I have made (what I think to be) good progress on the Bird Garden Illumination painting since my last post. I do really need […]

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1609 “Bird Garden” Illumination

Posted by Tina on January 17, 2018  /   no comment

Following on from my previous diary entry (link below), I have been utilizing the skills gained by my little Beatrix Potter exercise to produce a few draft drawings and paintings for the series of riparian booklets I am producing with Sylvia M Haslam. We have been researching for the booklets since 2010, and now at […]

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1702 The Aylesbury Duck

Posted by Tina on January 02, 2018  /   no comment

You may be aware that I am in the process of producing the artwork for a series of riparian booklets with my co-author,  Sylvia Haslam. For some time I have been wondering how I would like to produce the illustrations and suddenly thought about the work of Beatrix Potter, whom I believe was a great […]

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1704 ABBA Stinking Iris (Not selected)

Posted by Tina on December 27, 2017  /   no comment

I had been asked by ABBA to send a little study case about the preparation and painting of my Stinking Iris picture for their website. However, as mentioned in my previous post, I sent them the wrong image for the selection process (very strict rules), so the picture did not make it at all! But […]

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1703 and 1704 ABBA Bluebells and Stinking Iris

Posted by Tina on December 18, 2017  /   no comment

Well some doors just get slammed in your face and this morning that did happen to me (see below). But I always firmly believe that doors shut and others open, so I always try to make the best of whatever comes my way, whether good or bad. The good news is that I managed to […]

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Dry Drayton Inaugural Art Exhibition (Cambs)

Posted by Tina on October 08, 2017  /   no comment

I was delighted to be invited to submit some work to this brand new exhibition in the Village Hall at Dry Drayton (location) this weekend (7th and 8th October 2017). Admission is free and the exhibition is open from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Do go along and visit if you can – the paintings are beautifully […]

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1705-1708 Nature’s Time (Paintable Clocks)

Posted by Tina on August 29, 2017  /   no comment

It is traditional at most golf clubs for Lady Captain (and other Captains) to have a special competition day for her members (Lady Captain’s Day) and, as I am currently Lady Captain of my golf club at Bourn (Cambs), I decided to make my theme for my day “Nature’s Time”. There were many prizes of […]

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