1514: Another old drawing gets some paint!

Posted by Tina on June 28, 2020  /   no comment

In 2015 I had the good fortune to visit a friend who had two licensed barn owls, which he keeps in a large aviary. He was very kind and let me sit in the aviary with the owls for a few hours so that I could study their movements, make sketches and take lots (600) […]

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1515 Update: Bluebells and Golden Pheasants

Posted by Tina on June 14, 2020  /   no comment

I have now reached 71 hours on this artwork (and still counting!). The background is now complete, except for a few highlights. It is now going to bed again because Book 5 in the River Friend Series beckons. Book 4 has been submitted for publication, but Ingram Spark have said that it is taking longer […]

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1515: Bluebells and Golden Pheasants – a bit more done

Posted by Tina on June 07, 2020  /   no comment

Sixty and a half hours so far, and still not done all the background yet. This one seems to be so very time-consuming. I tried to paint faster but it does not work. It is worse than painting by numbers (a couple of which I have done years ago for people who asked me because […]

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1515: Progress update – Golden Pheasants and Bluebells

Posted by Tina on June 03, 2020  /   no comment

As I am still awaiting a green light to publish my fourth book in the River Friend Series: “INTERPRET: What Do Plants Tell Us?” I decided to start Book 5: “REED—ON THE EDGE”. I am doing a final edit on the text and deciding what illustrations should be in. I am thinking about Bearded Reedlings […]

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Artist Code 2010: Colour plate for book (or not?) Illumination border

Posted by Tina on June 01, 2020  /   no comment

I have just completed typesetting (I hope for the last time before publishing) the fourth book in the River Friend Series I am co-authoring with Sylvia Haslam. The first page in this book shows the famous poem by William Henry Davies (1871-1940) “Leisure” surrounded by an illuminary border which I composed and outlined with pen […]

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