1512: Dutch Tulip Progress

Posted by Tina on December 13, 2015  /   no comment

Tulipa: Bridgit Parrot Too many jollies lately (always happens around Christmas, does it not?). But fitting in a bit of painting between eating too much and enjoying the festive spirit with friends and family. I hope everyone is doing the same. I have been working on a special tulip painting (the flowers have ‘frilly’ edges!) […]

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1516 ‘Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge’ now completed

Posted by Tina on December 02, 2015  /   no comment

I have at last completed my ‘Old Cock in a Tree at Woodbridge’ View Picture Profile. It has been nice this week just sitting painting (in between playing golf) after the five exhibitions I attended during November (and the seventeen during the whole year before that), and I am so pleased to have finished this […]

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