Canoodling Golden Orioles in Spain

Posted by Tina on May 18, 2013  /   no comment

Returned from a field trip to Spain. Quite a shock returning to 9 degrees in England, from nearly a fortnight at 27 degrees with lovely bright, rejuvenating sunshine. I saw the wonderful golden orioles again (last seen in 2010 from which trip ‘Canoodling in the Loquats’ (Artist Code 1107) was designed and painted). Every morning, […]

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Brassia Orchid – Summer Dream

Posted by Tina on May 07, 2013  /   no comment

3rd May: My lovely neighbour Alan came round with this beautiful specimen in flower and, even though I have just had minor surgery on my left arm (and I am left-handed!), I have been attempting to sketch the plant before it dies. It is a really beautiful colour but I will probably be unable to […]

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Green ‘Woodys’ on the Golf Course at Bourn (Cambridgeshire)

Posted by Tina on May 04, 2013  /   no comment

The photographic resources and sketches for two further paintings are resting on my easels: Snow Leopards – 24 in x 18 in water colour; Blue and Yellow Macaws (Parrots in the Jungle!) – 15″ by 40″ box stretched canvas in oil. But first to the Green Woodys. ’12 0’clock high’: (Green Woodpeckers (Picus viridis), young […]

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